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A place where the secret is kept

Amongst the gently rolling hills beneath the silver mountain one can find heaven on earth. Well, it is certainly a heaven for vegetables and fruit trees as well as for the people who have been passing their immense wisdom and mastery from generation to generation. This is where the secret is kept - in plain sight.


A time to pick up the produce

A perfect time. A time to gather, a time to pick up the produce that we were rewarded with, a time when Nature thanks us and we are overwhelmed. Ah - the views, the aromas, the tastes of harvest. Incomparable. This is a life more than worth living.


Cooking over burning logs

Sun. Soil. Plants and produce. Getting ready for the baptism with fire. Just look at it. Perfect ... An apotheosis of Nature herself. See how it is done: by hand, with tools, without any machines, simply using the tools of tradition, of ancient knowledge. Cooked to preserve all the taste, all the aromas, all the secrets passed on to us. The only additive is ... love. We pass onto you nothing less than the essence of this land.


They are here. Bon Appétit!

They are here. Grown and nurtured in gardens throughout this magical place, picked by hand, handled with utmost care. Our sharp eyes and firm touch help us pick only the best fruit ... caressing it, slowly turning it into perfection. Handmade. This is something in which humans will never be replaced by machines. Tradition is not merely a word, for we are fully aware that only trained eyes, keen noses and steady hands can do this. Look. Our gentle touch, our true devotion. We make the best jams, relishes and juices, and present them - to you. Wherever you are.

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    Spread some jam (less is more, but more is even more!) on a sponge cake and roll it. Be a true pastry chef and let your imagination run wild!

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