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100% natural

Nothing but nature. Half of the fruit in our jams is still wild: yes, we go into the deep forests and pick them. One taste and you will know why.


30 Apricots

We need 30 apricots for every kilo of Granny's Secret Apricot jam. They represent 91% of the jam. Not 100%, as the jam also includes love and passion.

671 Blueberries

There are 671 blueberries in a small jar of Granny's Secret wild blueberry jam. This is why it tastes like it does.

34 Raspberries

There are 34 raspberries in every 100 grams of Granny's Secret Raspberry jam. 34 miracles that you can count with your tongue.


10 hours

We want to preserve all of the aroma and goodness of the fruit, thus we cook our jams at a lower temperature, between 45 and 60 degrees, and in a vacuum environment. This is why it takes hours - and this makes the difference.

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Magic in the kitchen

Spread some jam (less is more, but more is even more!) on a sponge cake and roll it. Be a true pastry chef and let your imagination run wild!


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