100% natural

There is an old saying: only wind, sun and rain can touch our fruits. And the maiden’s hand that picks them. We try to honour this as much as we can.


563 Blackcurrants

Blackcurrants are like marbles filled with taste. We have to squash 563 for a litre of our blackcurrant juice. You will believe us after a single sip.

2 Quinces

Our quince & white grape juice consists of 52% quince and 48% white grapes. Together they form 100%. Nothing less - and definitely nothing more.

1260 Cranberries

How many cranberries are crammed into our cranberry juice? If you said countless you would be almost right: we need 1260 to fill a 700 ml bottle.

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Cooking with juice?

Why not! Fry some garlic, add a dash of flour and stir. Now add our tomato juice, bring it all to the boil and voilà – the soup is ready!


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