100% natural

People here really love their vegetables. They would not let anything that was not 100% natural come close to them. They are fiercely proud people.


11 Peppers

Our ajvar is made from chopped roasted red peppers, a little oil, vinegar and salt. Why does it taste so good? We use 11 peppers for a single jar!

1.5 Aubergines

Someone’s granny once added some aubergines to ajvar green. But she didn’t tell us we need 27 peppers and 1.5 aubergines for a kilo of this relish!

53 Peppers for 1kg of ajvar

A roasted red pepper doesn't weigh much. However 89% of the weight in this relish is represented by this feather light vegetable, brimming with taste!


Perfect ajvar

The peppers are roasted, dipped in cold water and blanched. Then they are sent into vacuum cookers, where they are cooked at a mild temperature for hours. This slow, low-temperature process is the key: the essence remains intact.

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Symphony of flavours

Cut a sheet of puffed pastry into squares. Add a dash of ajvar and some Feta cheese. Roll them up and put them in the oven at 200°C.


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